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About Us

The Older Sister 

Ilyssa graduated in May 2014 with a degree in film production from Bowling Green State University.  She instantly started working in the film industry as an Assistant Director.  She resides in Los Angeles and can either be found managing a set or on stage making people laugh with her stand up comedy.  She is excited for this new opportunity to work with Michala.  Getting to direct a variety of videos for all to watch with her sister is really a dream come true. 

The Younger Sister 

Michala graduated in May of 2020 with a BFA in acting from Michigan State University at the start of the pandemic. After months of lockdown in her childhood home, theatres not knowing when they would open up, zoom shows, and feeling stuck she knew it was time to get to work and start something of her own. Luckily she happens to have an older sister on speed dial who was in the same position as she was. Together they will show their individual talents, but also how well they work together.

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