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The Haunting of Moonshine Mary:
Season One

Kristy is moving into her picture perfect dream house. All is perfect until she finds mysterious items left by the previous owner.

The stress of Covid is not the only reason Kristy feels as if she's losing her mind.

Sticking up for yourself is not always easy, but with Mary by your side anything is possible. Will Kristy keep this new found confidence?

Mary decides Kristy needs a big push in right direction. A little more giggle juice never hurt anyone. 

The first day in Kristy's new house does not go as planned since she is no longer in control.

An unexpected partnership. But your "fairy godmother" is suppose to help you right?

Kristy has found her voice and she going to use it. Will the Ryans be able to handle this change? 

Betrayal hurts, but it's worst when it comes from someone you thought was your friend.

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